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Squeeze n Dive

Watch the video below for step-by-step instruction to assemble and play with Squeeze n Dive!




Let’s create a portable aquarium with fishes that will go up and down as you squeeze and release the plastic bottle. Through these games, you’ll learn the cool science behind how a submarine works.

Follow the step-by-step instructions in the video above to create your very own portable aquarium. Are you ready to Squeeze n Dive 🙂 ?


Now, squeeze the bottle and watch the fishes sink one at a time. Nice! Great job!


So how do your fishes go up and down when you squeeze and release the bottle? Hmm... is it MAGIC? 🙂's SCIENCE actually. In the beginning, your fishes FLOAT inside the bottle, right? That’s because they are filled with AIR... Do you know where you can find air? Well, you can’t really see it, but air is EVERYWHERE....filling this very room. So is air heavy? No, actually air is very light.



Now, look closely at your pipets...


Before you squeeze the bottle, there is NO water inside the pipets, right? They are both completely filled with air, which makes them very light and can float in water.

A good example is when you swim using a floater. Guess what’s inside your floaters? It’s AIR! That’s what makes you float in water.



Now, try to SLOWLY squeeze your bottle, and you will see that water starts coming in from the bottom of the pipets. And you’ll notice that your fishes start sinking down. Why?


That’s because now your pipets are filled with water. And since water is heavier than air, the pipets become heavier which cause them to sink.

The same thing happens if there’s a hole in your swimming floaters. Water will start leaking inside the floaters, making it heavier and eventually sink.



* Notes: Sometimes you'll see that your fishes sink to the bottom. Most times, that's because there is water leaking into the pipette bulbs, making them heavy and therefore sink to the bottom. No problem! Just take the fishes out from the bottle and squeeze all the water out from the pipette bulbs. Fill up the bottle and place the fishes back into the water. They should float and ready for diving 🙂 


Now.. are you ready for a CHALLENGE?

Let’s play a really fun game called “Hook Challenge”. It’s like fishing in a bottle! It’s a really fun game to play with your friends. Compete with your friends to be the fastest to catch the fish! Good luck 😉


Trivia Question:

Can you guess which one of your fishes will sink first and which one would sink last? Why?


Tips: One of the fish has pipets with 2 hexnuts and the other has 3 hexnuts. Which one is heavier?

A: The fish that has pipet with 3 hexnuts will sink first because it’s heavier than the other one.