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Science for Indonesia
Vincentius Putra Visit
May 13, 2015

In collaboration with Makedonia and Binus University, we had successfully organized a Science for Indonesia program for 75 orphaned kids at Vincentius Putra on 19 April 2015.

In this program, we introduced a simple robotic project that is educational, both in its function and construction.


With the help of the volunteers, the kids were able to create their own MYOBots using a toothbrush, a motor, a battery, and a 3D folded character.

This particular robot is unique, simple to build and fun to race them competitively.

All the kids really had fun, and we were pleased to see they were able use their creativity to innovate and develop the robots further. There were kids who make up their own games and races using their bots.

It was also a great exercise in problem solving as the kids learn why their bots weren’t working, or how to make them run better.


Special thanks to Makedonia and Binus university for providing us with wonderful volunteers. Thank you for your kind support and generous donations!

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