Watch the video below for step-by-step instruction on how to make your Myobot !



MYOBot is a simple robot that anyone can make, even little children! The MYOBot only has four components: a toothbrush, motor, battery, and a PCB (printed circuit board). Oh, and don't forget your friendly MYOBot character.

You do not have to have any electronic skills or try to figure out how to use a hot soldering iron around kids.  These are fun to make, take very little time, and entertaining to play with. 


MYO BOT – Make Your Own Robot – is a bristlebot. It is one of the simplest of all mobile robots, both in its function and its construction.

As a result, these robots have become popular educational projects at school STEM programs in the US and research universities like the Harvard School of Engineering. It’s a fun little robot that you can make with a few simple components. They are really quite EASY to make and are a lot of FUN!


What is a Bristlebot?

A bristlebot is a robot that moves using the bristles of a toothbrush. It is a simple robot that moves by vibrating the bristles of a toothbrush to move forward.



How does Myobot move?

When you turn the switch on, energy from the battery makes the motor to spin and vibrate. Do you see it? Can you feel the motor vibrate? This creates up and down movements to bend the flexible toothbrush bristles that makes it move like a caterpillar. This up and down movement happens so quick (hundreds of times per second) causing the bot to move forward.

Do you notice that the bristles on the Myobot toothbrush are not straight? What do you think will happen if the bristles are flat and straight, like the ones you use to brush your teeth?

When the bristles of the toothbrush are straight, your robot will move randomly, or typically it will move around in a circle. To make it moves forward, you need to bend the bristles, so that it forms a nice angle.

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Know Your MYOBot

Each of your MYOBot has a unique personality, just like you! Are you ready to get to know them?



Astro is a kind and friendly Astronaut bear. He loves adventuring through space and finding new discoveries, going to places nobody has ever gone before!



Chemi is a chemist! She's really hardworking and loves to study. Working in the laboratory can be difficult, but Chemi loves what she's doing. Sometimes her experiment fails, but she never gives up.





Newton loves to go fast! No wonder he's a racer. He's very brave, and although he looks a little scary, he always looks out for his friends. Newton is the leader of MYO Racing Team.


Meet other Myobot characters. Which one is you?